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The SIEP program is a COMPLETE program that needs to be completed by all students to graduate. The Senate Meeting Number 19 in February 2009 has agreed to the implementation of the "Students in Enterprise Program (SIEP)" is mandatory followed by students on the semester break (either Interval Break or Academic Year-End Holidays) as one of the conditions of graduation, and this means subject to the prescribed rules and regulations, students who fail to participate successfully will not be awarded a Bachelor's Degree. The Special Senate Meeting on 23 February 2009 (Sunday) has decided that the SIEP program is awarded a credit worth of 2 (two) credit hours. Based on the decision of the MSE Senate Meeting in 2013, credit hours for this course are taken into account in our Loan Calculations and taken into account in Average Grade Value (PNG) and Cumulative Grade Average (CGPA). Thus, each student must complete all modules during the course of study.



"Students In Enterprise Program" (SIEP) is an attachment program or Entrepreneurship Skill Improvement Program based on the Guidelines on MSc Student Entrepreneurship Improvement Programs approved by the Senate at Senate Meeting No. 9. The SIEP's objectives are to:

  Disclosing students with entrepreneurial activity through student placement into industry determined by the faculty or student choice by faculty agreement.

  Conduct research through case study, observation, inquiry, and direct learning through industry work experience.

  Provide SIEP training report results

  Submit a New Business Proposal in module 4.



This program is COMPULSORY for all FTKW students and will be implemented during the semester Break (either Interval Break or Academic Year-End Holidays). The minimum total duration of the program is 40 days and is divided into 4 modules that have been set during the course of study, namely:

 Modul 1 (5 days)

 Modul 2 (10 days)

 Modul 3 (10 days)

 Modul 4 (15 days)

However, students are allowed to perform the program more than 40 days after approval by the supervisor and proprietor of the training premises


Concept and Model

The SIEP program is flexible, so this program can be implemented at any time during the semester break (whether between the Semester Break or the Academic Year-End Holidays), but the student must first get permission from the faculty. However, students are given the flexibility to choose the semester to undergo SIEP training provided they comply with the module sequence. The model and concept of the implementation of SIEP training at the Faculty of Creative Technology and Heritage (FTKW) are as follows:




The structure of the SIEP program at FTKW is as shown in the table below.


There are four (4) learning outcomes module outlined throughout the program. Students are required to adhere to the plans laid down by the faculty to ensure the goal of exposure to entrepreneurial activities will be achieved in a planned manner. All students are required to PUT ALL MODULs that have been set in the SIEP program structure before graduation. The sequence of modules on a semester becomes pre-requisite before students register modules for the next semester. Failed students are required to repeat the module before starting the next module.


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