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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahiwabarokatuh, Salam Sejahtera, dan Salam Sehati Sejiwa

Thank God for His grace, the Faculty of Creative and Heritage Technology, or just called FTKW, can continue to emerge as one of the faculties of Universiti Malaysia Kelantan (UMK) which has successfully produced graduates and entrepreneurs in the Creative Industry sector across the country. The proof, the Ministry of Communication and Multimedia (KKMM) in April 2016 has explained that from 2010 to 2015, 7,799 job opportunities and RM674.8 million of investments have been generated through a program implemented under the National Creative Industry Policy (DIKN) through a government fund of RM200 million through the 10th RMK.

FTKW currently offers two (2) Bachelor Degree programs covering eleven subjects of choice of seven (7) under
Creative Technology Program and four (4) under the Legacy Studies program.

Creative Technology Program :
  Elektif : Rekabentuk  Komunikasi Visual (RKV)
  Elektif : Rekabentuk Perindustrian (RP)
  Elektif : Pengajian Skrin (PS)
  Elektif : Tekstil Fesyen (TF)
  Elektif : Multimedia (MM)
  Elektif : Seni Halus (SH)
  Elektif : Animasi (ANI)
  Elektif : Rekacipta Kreatif (RK) *Semester September Sesi Akademik 2019/2020*
  Elektif : Rekabentuk Permainan Digital (RPD) *Semester September Sesi Akademik 2019/2020*

            Bidang Program Pengajian Warisan:
  Elektif : Konservasi Warisan (KW)

  Elektif : Kesusasteraan Warisan (KSW)
  Elektif : Seni Persembahan (SP)
  Elektif : Warisan Budaya (WB)
  Elektif : Seni Muzik Tradisional (SMT) *Semester September Sesi Akademik 2018/201









The postgraduate level offers bachelor's programs under full-time research mode namely Master of Art and Doctor of Philosophy in the fields of study provided at the Bachelor level and based on the expertise of the academic staff in the faculty.

Since the setting up of the FTKW, efforts towards empowering the creative industry have been actively pursued by the faculty and this desire in line with the definition of the Creative Industry as outlined in the National Creative Industry Policy (DEC) 2009 as follows:

"Cultivating and producing individuals and groups based on creativity, innovation and technology based on creativity, innovation and technology that lead to high economic and income source resources for the nation by emphasising the aspect of intellectual work and intellectual property in line with the pure culture and values of racial diversity in Malaysia. "

In line with the UMK niche area of Entrepreneurship is Our Entrepreneurship and the use of UMK's entrepreneurship is our Entrepreneurial University, all FTKW citizens are committed to developing and promoting the National Creative Industry towards realising the government's desire to become Developed Countries and High-Income Countries by the year 2020.

Hence, all faculty members will act from four (4) FTKW Core Values ie (i) Focus; (ii) Strong; (iii) Cooperation; and (iv) Vision in promoting creative entrepreneurship activities and programs to produce competent and competitive graduates nationally and internationally. Based on the theme of Creativity of the Tongue of Excellence, FTKW's citizens are committed to advancing heritage, creative and entrepreneurial technologies in line with the use of the new faculty motto: Empowering Heritage and Creative Technology Through Entrepreneurship to ensure the existence of FTKW in UMK and Malaysia is always relevant, unique and different in the world.

With the support of all parties, the FTKW will continue to pursue creative entrepreneurship in Malaysia to contribute to the development and development of innovative national, regional and international levels.

 Lastly, I represent all FTKW citizens who want to invite you to explore the academic programs offered at FTKW by continuing to browse our website to learn more about the faculty, academic staff and opportunities we provide in educational, research, publications, community consultation and service for everyone's well-being.



Faculty of Creative & Heritage Technology
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