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UMK is the 19th public university founded in Malaysia. In the early stages UMK operates on board the Kota Bharu Teaching Institute, Kelantan. On 1 July 2007, UMK started to operate officially after fully moving to the temporary campus at Taman Bendahara, Pengkalan Chepa, Kota Bharu, Kelantan. UMK's first student enrollment is 295 and continues to grow every year. UMK now operates in three (3) Campus namely (1) UMK Bachok; (2) City Campus; & (3) Jeli Campus. Until 2018, UMK has been led by four (4) Vice Chancellors:

YBhg. Prof. Emeritus Dato’ Ir. Dr. Zainai b. Mohamed (1 Okt 2006 - 31 Dis 2011)

YBhg. Prof. Datuk Dr. Raduan b. Hj Che Rose (1 Jan 2012 - 31 Disember 2014)

YBhg. Prof. Dato’ Dr. Mortaza b. Mohamed (1 Jan 2015 -  31 Disember 2017)
 YBhg. Prof. Dato' Dr Husaini b. Omar(1 Jan 2018 - Kini)

Faculty of Creative Technology & Heritage (FTKW) was the earliest faculty established with the establishment of Universiti Malaysia Kelantan (UMK) in 2006 through the announcement of the Honorable Prime Minister of Malaysia, Dato 'Seri Abdullah bin Haji Ahmad Badawi who has expressed the government's consent to set up a public university in Kelantan in the 9th Ninth Plan in 31 March 2006. As a result, the establishment of UMK has been approved by the Cabinet at Cabinet Meeting on 14 June 2006. The Cabinet has set the Philosophy of School Curriculum in UMK to be based on Entrepreneurship Education and Enterprises in all courses of study. Thus the stimulus phrase "Entrepreneurship is Our Thrust" and "Entrepreneurial University" as well as the use of ICT as an Enabler  is widely used.


FTKW was also established with the establishment of UMK and has been operating at the City Campus, Bendahara Park, Pengkalan Chepa for four (4) years (2007 - 2010) and moved to a permanent campus in Bachok in 2011. Until 2015, FTKW has successfully produced many graduates in creative and legacy technology field. The establishment of the FTKW aims to preserve the heritage and to outperform creative technologies in the field of creative entrepreneurship in line with the National Creative Industry Policy (DIKN, 2009) at the global and global levels. This goal is in line with UMK's vision and mission as an entrepreneurial university to produce graduates who are competent with entrepreneurial, skilled and high-skilled characteristics in design, creative technology, heritage, and creative entrepreneurship at pre-graduate and postgraduate studies. Of course, this is all done with an academic and ethical professionalism to produce graduates who are able to contribute significantly to the development of creative industries at the regional, national and international levels through the application and practice of science, technology and skills to improve the welfare of society. 

Vision & Mission

Lead the development of human capital in the field of Creative Industry with entrepreneurship for the well-being of a sustained global society.

FTKW provide:
  Academic programs in the field of creative industry that are always of high quality and relevance.

 promoting innovative and creative research and consultative activities in line with the needs of stakeholders for local and high-value local and commercial development.

 Service that fulfills social responsibility to the community in the creative industry that can enhance the competitiveness of creative entrepreneurship.

 FTKW always prioritizes customer needs and fulfills market expectations by providing a conducive environment.


“Melestari Warisan, Mengungguli Teknologi Kreatif“
“Sustaining Heritage, Championing Creative Technology”


Objective & Goal

   Preserving heritage and outperforming creative technology in creative entrepreneurship in line with the country's creative industry policy, in line with UMK's vision and mission as an entrepreneurship university.

   Produce graduates who are competent and committed to entrepreneurial characteristics, highly skilled and highly creative in the field of creative and legacy technology at all levels of study, based on academic integrity and professionalism ethics to improve the well-being of society.

   Designing relevant infrastructure development in all FTKW programs (for staff and community / CSR) is based on effective governance in line with the development of UMK.

  Produce professional, creative, innovative, entrepreneurial personality, active in cross-disciplinary quality research, professional and social service in the field of creative and legacy technology to enhance socio-economic society in order to meet national and global needs.



FTKW, committed to providing professional services that meet customer satisfaction in line with the foundations of Universiti Malaysia Kelantan in the context of:


1. Ensure learning and teaching processes achieve the learning outcomes set in a conducive environment by 2020.

2. Increase student internationalization activities.

3. Providing friendly and efficient customer service.

4. Promote creative entrepreneurial culture among students


1. Encourage the culture of research and development of creative and innovative products in the field of creative, potentially commercialized industries to generate a faculty income source.

2.Provide funding sources for research and development of knowledge creative and innovative with entrepreneurial characteristics in the creative industry.

3. Provide continuous professional improvement opportunities.

4. Create a conducive and welfare working environment.

5. Provide platfom which helps to improve the culture of research and publication.

6. Appreciate the talents and abilities of the faculty requirements in assisting career development.


1. Provide customer friendly, efficient and professional service.

2. Provide expertise as a reference to local communities.

3. Expand the community-friendly approach.






Fakulti Teknologi Kreatif & Warisan
Universiti Malaysia Kelantan
Karung Berkunci 01,
16300 Bachok,

Tel:+609-779 7270 Fax:+609-779 7262


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