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Bachelor of Heritage Study with Honours (Heritage Literature)

The Department of Heritage Studies offers a Legacy Literary program that offers comprehensive learning discipline opportunities to develop literary and cultural heritage of our nation. This field of study is fundamental and in line with our country's creative industry development policies and requirements.
The teaching and learning process is carried out in theory and practice through teaching in lectures, tutorials and academic research to meet the needs of graduates. Student achievement will be evaluated despite ongoing assessment and exams. Bachelor of Heritage Studies with Honors in Literary Literature offers the most comprehensive practical study among all Malaysian universities. Courses offered include Literature in Movies, Dramatic Dramas, Islamic Literature, Literary Theory and Creative Writing Techniques, all of which provide career opportunities on the global stage. Our goal is to train art entrepreneurs in all areas of literature especially in traditional literature in order to immortal heritage and cultural values in Malaya. The program is also a platform to instil curiosity, courage and encourage practical innovation to maintain a better future generation. The program reflects the diversity and excitement of the subject as in modern times and gives students the opportunity to see the achievement of theory and practice in diverse and diverse cultural contexts.

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