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Elective : Cultural Heritage

The Department of Heritage Studies offers one of the most famous programs in the region. This program is designed with the emphasis to train all our human faculties, providing sufficient space to act innovatively and to direct, fulfil and overcome all challenges in achievement.
The Cultural Heritage Program offers a wide range of cultural and legacy learning opportunities. It encompasses knowledge of heritage, culture, humanity, thinking, lifestyle, community art, management and more learning that focuses on the culture and heritage of the local community. The program is capable of inculcating experienced, knowledgeable graduates who understand and appreciate cultural heritage not only at the technical level but also innovative, creative and ethical through a sustainable approach. Teaching and learning processes are carried out in theory and practice through lectures, studios, workshops, industrial training, product development and creation, product presentations and academic research to meet the needs of graduation. Student achievement will be evaluated despite ongoing assessment and exams. Bachelor of Heritage Studies with Honors in Cultural Heritage offers the most comprehensive practical research among all Malaysian universities. We are targeting global reach. Our goal is to train entrepreneurs in all cultural Heritage disciplines that are capable of bringing new and challenging ideas that change the mind, challenge the heart and stimulate all senses. We instil curiosity, creativity, courage and humour; promote practical innovation and the creation of cultural heritage products for tangible and intangible heritage. The program reflects the diversity and excitement of the subject as in modern times and gives students the opportunity to see the achievement of theory and practice in various mediums and contexts.

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Career Opportunities

Creative Producer

 Creative Director

 Script Writer 


 Dance Choreographer

 Profesional Artist

 News Spokesperson

 Professional Emcee



 Art and Culture Officer



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4 years


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