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Master of Innovation and Design

The Master of Innovation and Design (MID) is a coursework programme offered throughout the year. This programme is offered as full-time modes (3 semesters) and part-time modes (6 semesters) to qualified Malaysian and International Students to do independent research supervised by their qualified lecturers in the field of INDUSTRIAL DESIGNDIGITAL DESIGN and SUSTAINABLE DESIGN. Objectives of this programme are to produce highly skilled and professional graduates in the development of design innovation which meets the workforce in various industrial sectors industries, either in the field of education or professional services. Moreover, an entrepreneurial, leadership and research components are also embedded in curriculum by taking 6 credit hours out of the total credit amount. The specialized courses of MID are in the area of Global Design and Innovation, Software and Digital Design, Animation Pre-production, Sustainable Design, Integrated Design and Innovation, Industrial Ergonomic, Human-Computer Interaction and Human-Centered Design.

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